European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Science Newsletter Nº2 June 2024

The June edition of the ECEIM Science newsletter is now available. We hope you find the contents of this new issue interesting.


  • Editorial: Do you know…? This month, we interview Lisa Katz, our current President, to learn more about her work and future research direction.
  • Research area: Interesting articles published in recent months by members of our College.
  • Hot Topics in Equine Internal Medicine: In this issue, we will present the second part of our evidence-based practice discussion.

Research area


In this issue, we highlight several articles on gastrointestinal disease, such as the interesting study on plasma-ionized magnesium in hospitalized horses published by the team from the University of Barcelona, and the work of Mathijs Theelen and colleagues from the University of Utrecht on equine faecal microbioma.  Additionally, a study on bile acid concentration conducted by the team at the University of Barcelona and Michael Hewetson's work on inter-observer variability using two gastric ulcer grading systems. In the cardiology section, two interesting studies co-authored by Charlotte Hopster-Iversen are included; one on muscarinic acetylcholine receptors and another on atrial fibrillation. Finally, two intriguing articles describing the effect of a topical betulinic acid (BA) and its derivative NVX-207  on horses with melanocytic tumors, and the possibility of a positive breath alcohol test after performing an abdominal ultrasound examination on a horse.
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Do you know...Lisa Katz


In this section, we interview  our current President, Lisa Katz. Lisa is an ACVIM, ECEIM and ECVSMR diplomate and a Professor at University College Dublin. She is actively involved in several projects. In this interview, she will discuss her most important research. Lisa will also share some tips for achieving success in both work and personal life.

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Hot topic: Evidence-based practice


In the second part of the Practice-Based Medicine topic, we will continue our discussion of the concept of ‘Right Care’, as used in human medicine. We will discuss possible opportunities to introduce elements of this system to equine medicine, taking into account the differences between human and equine health care.

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Other news

A MOOC delivered by a human orthopaedic surgeon is currently available for free on Coursera covering clinical statistics. This is aimed at those wanting to understand published research data, rather than the mechanics of undertaking statistics. Feedback from residents who have started this course has been excellent and may be a useful introduction to statistics. Please share this with your trainees


EBVS are gathering information regarding specialists who are diplomates in more than one college/discipline. They would like to hear from everyone regarding their current rules on what roles 'double diplomates' can have in each college and the restrictions that exist over the terminology. The survey will be open throughout May and June.