European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Workshops program

Further details will be amended shortly as they are still being defined with the speakers


OPHTHALMOLOGY IN IMAGES - an interactive discussion of clinical cases between Claudia Hartley ECVO and the audience

ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY - an interactive discussion and interpretation of ECG cases between the audience and Gunther Van Loon and Colin Schwartzwald

ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY - Image acquisition - the program will include practicing image collection using top of the range US machines and some live interpretation with 5 experienced ultrasonographers (we aim to have 1 instructor for 4 delegates around 1 horse).

ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY - Image interpretation - this will take place as an interactive lecture and Gunther Van Loon and Colin Schwartzwald will present images from interesting cases and interpret them with the audience to discuss the clinical significance of common and more peculiar findings

OPHTHALMOLOGY - this live case practical will include practicing to use equipment (direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy), measuring IOP and using slit lamps. Horses will be sedated and will receive mydriatics as required. We are currently working on the possibility to include an aspect of nerve blocking though this is currently not guaranteed but being worked on.

CLINICAL PATHOLOGY - this session will include a section on how to best prepare cytological specimens for examination and an interactive quiz section with cases to interpret and discuss with the two experienced clinical pathologists