European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Specialist Day program

The specialist day includes a program of the highest standard and registration is reserved to boarded specialists.

A bus will leave from the Ergife Palace Hotel at 8am to take delegates to the venue for the specialist day (Caserma dei Carabinieri di Tor Di Quinto). The lectures/activities will start at 9am and should conclude by 6pm when a lift back will be provided.

Update on equine exercise physiology. Speaker: Ken Hinchcliff

Investigating poor performance in the equine athlete. Understanding the physiology of performance, assessing function and dysfunction through exercise testing, practical tips for field exercise tests. Speaker: Emmanuelle van Erck

Muscle adaption to exercise-what you need to know. Speaker: Stephanie Valberg

Muscle disorders of the equine athlete. Review of muscle metabolics and diagnosis of muscle disorders. Speaker: Stephanie Valberg

EIPH, link between lower airways/pulmonary hypertension and cardiac disorders in EIPH. Speaker: Fe Ter Woort

Demo of field exercise testing on the racetrack E. van Erck and demo of resting endoscopy, retrieval of samples from respiratory tract. Speaker: Fe Ter Woort.

Discussion on exercise test findings: training/ fitness/ ECG / overground endoscopy, including upper airway rehabilitation and avoiding surgery. Speaker: E. van Erck and Fe Ter Woort

Lower airways in practice: analysis of stable environment. Speaker: E.van Erck