European College of Equine Internal Medicine

The testing platform – Examplify and remote invigilation


All electronic examinations will be delivered using Examplify and electronic testing platform running securely on the candidate’s own laptop. A training package is available to facilitate this

Prior to the examination candidates must

  1. Review the introductory information and submit a non-disclosure agreement
  2. Confirm their device meets the minimum required standard for Windows or Mac computers
  3. Download the latest version of Examplify from their Examsoft account at
  4. Undertake a test assessment designed to orientate candidates and test the compatibility with your hardware
  5. Undertake a practice assessment designed to orientate candidates to the question formats used in the examination.
  6. Engage in training sessions provided by the examination committee either at summer school or at the other times provided
  7. Download examplify and the examinations as instructed by the chair of the examination committee

On the day of the examination candidates must

  1. Bring a compatible laptop device, charger and adapter to the examination
  2. During the examination period (except for CJTs) candidates will have no access to any other functions on the computer. If their computer reboots during an examination it will restart directly into the software.
  3. The candidate's computer will only be returned to normal functions when the candidate submits the examination.
  4. After submission of your attempt, your invigilator will be informed by electronic message that this has been received normally and your will receive an email. You should not leave the room before this time. Where candidates fail to meet these requirements, it will usually result in them being unable to complete the examinations


  • Where examinations are not undertaken in a central location, all examinations must be invigilated in person with the exception of the assessment period of CJTs. However invigilators must be present during the case preparation time and during any periods of isolation to maintain the integrity of the examinations.
  • Where permitted by the examination committee, remote assessment must follow the same timings as for all candidates (using CET) irrespective of location of candidates
  • Locations and invigilators will be nominated by the candidate (nominees must be a diplomate of ECEIM or other EBVS college or be a professional invigilation service in an approved testing centre- subject to approval of the committee). All invigilators must undergo training, as a minimum using an online package developed for the college
  • The invigilator MAY NOT BE the resident's supervisor and must be authorised in advance by the examination committee. Invigilators must be available to be present throughout the whole of the examination process and, for those taking the CJT, the time which would have been spent in the holding room.
  • Invigilators can supervise multiple candidates in the same room.
    • All candidates must be supervised throughout the examination period.
    • Bathroom breaks must be supervised (respecting privacy)
    • If there are two candidates, a short term surrogate who has no conflict of interest can stand in while an individual invigilator has to step out of the room
    • If there are more than three candidates in the same room there should be 2 invigilators.
    • If there are more than 10 candidates in the same room there should be 3 invigilators
    • For groups of more than 20 the examination committee will provide guidance