European College of Equine Internal Medicine

How to get there

Congress hotel is NH Gent Belfort Hotel, Hoogpoort 63, 9000 Gent

Download for a detailed route description (PDF)  


By air to Belgium-Ghent (railway station Gent Sint-Pieters):

Brussels Airport (Zaventem):

  • A direct train can be taken to Gent Sint-Pieters (+/- every 30 minutes; last train 23:03 (IC); travel time +/- 1h ). Detailed information about prices and time tables of the train can be found:

Brussels South (Charleroi):  DIFFICULT CONNECTION TO GHENT:

  • First take a bus or taxi to the railway station Charleroi-South (bus every 30 minutes; travel time from airport Brussels South to railway station Charleroi-South: 20 minutes; first bus at 5:23 am; last bus at 21:53 pm) (tickets can be bought in an automatic distributor near to entrance 2).
  • Then continue from the railway station Charleroi-South take to Brussels-South by train (train +/- every 30 minutes; last train to Brussels South 22:27 pm (IC); travel time from railway station Charleroi-South to Brussels-South: +/- 50 minutes)
  • Then continue again with another train  to Gent Sint-Pieters (time to change to another train to Ghent: +:- 10minutes) (train +/- 30 every minutes; last train to Ghent: 23:27 pm (IC); travel time from railway station Brussels-South to Gent Sint-Pieters: +/- 30 minutes).

Other airports (Ostend, Antwerp, Liège, Amsyterdam, Paris) are also possible (see download document with details)

By train to Ghent (railway station Gent Sint-Pieters):


  • The Thalys has a direct direction from Paris to Gent Sint-Pieters (+/- 2 hours), no stop over. Detailed information about prices and timetables for the Thalys can be found:


  • The Eurostar: London to Brussels midi railway station(+/-3 hours). Then +/- every 30 minutes there is a train to Gent Sint-Pieters railway station. Detailed information about prices and timetables for the Eurostar can be found: Time tables of the local trains can be found:

By car to Ghent:

Ghent is ideally located at the intersection of the E17 and E40 motorways, which guarantees an easy access from the whole of Europe