European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Publication requirements

Candidates applying to sit the ECEIM examination must submit details to the Education and Credentials Committee regarding how they have fulfilled or plan to fulfil the following publication  requirements: 

a) One first or last author original research paper, large case series (≥20 cases) or scientific short communication. A shared “first-author” publication between two authors will be allowed, provided written proof of this status is submitted to the Education and Credentials Committee from the journal. This publication can be from a Master's (MSc) or Doctorate (PhD) research project providing the publication is within 3 years of the start of the residency-training programme.  

b) One first or last author case report, small case series (≤20 cases), review, critically appraised topic, short  communication or an additional research paper.  

Publications will only be accepted as part of the credentials package if: 

  • The paper is published before or WITHIN ONE YEAR of the candidate PASSING all the exams required for certification. For the purposes of credentials assessment, the term “published” is defined as a published hard copy or electronically published manuscript. In exceptional cases, the Education and Credentials Committee might accept a written confirmation from the editor of an approved journal that the paper is “in press”.  
  • The papers are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals with impact factors of ≥0.5 and which APPEAR IN AN ACADEMIC JOURNAL DATABASE (e.g., SCImago, Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar).  

For the purposes of credentials assessment:

  • The terms “original research paper” and “scientific short communication” are defined as a manuscript that describes a hypothesis-driven experimental study utilising in vivo, ex vivo or in vitro techniques to address an objective relevant to equine medicine or its  under-pinning sciences. A prospective or retrospective clinical study addressing a question relevant to equine internal medicine that includes at least 20 cases will also be acceptable as a publication.   

Additional notes for guidance regarding the publication requirements:

  • All manuscripts must be accompanied by an English summary.
  • The candidate must submit a screen shot of the journal name listed on an academic database with a copy of the citation index page and where the peer-review statement is indicated on the journal website. Alternatively, the URL of the journal name on a database could be submitted along with the abstract.
  • Where a manuscript is “in press”, the candidate must submit an electronic copy of a letter from the editor confirming that it has been fully accepted. Manuscripts are not acceptable if they are still subject to revisions.