European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Science Newsletter Nº1 November 2023

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce the opening of a section to promote collaboration among researchers within our college. Four editions are planned each year for this purpose. We hope you find this new initiative interesting and enjoy the content of this first issue."


  • Section: do you know….?  This month, we interview Gunter van Loon to learn more about his work and his future research directions.
  • Research area. Section on the most relevant articles published in recent months by members of our college.
  • Hot Topics in Equine Internal Medicine Section: In this issue, we will discuss about evidence-based practice in equine clinics.

Research area

In this issue, we mention several articles related to infectious diseases in horses, such as the interesting study on West Nile virus published by the team from the University of Berlin, and the work of our colleague Mathijs Theelen along with members from the University of Davis, California, on equine coronavirus. It is also noteworthy the significant research on herpesvirus outbreaks conducted by the team led by Lutz Goehring. To complete this section on infectious diseases, there is a study on hepacivirus in horses conducted by ECEIM diplomates from Germany and Austria. Additionally, a neurology article on transcranial magnetic stimulation carried out by members of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine and staff from the University of Kentucky is included.

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A portrait of Gunter van Loon

Do you know...Gunter van Loon

In this section, we conduct an interview with the prominent equine cardiologist Gunter van Loon. Gunter is an ECEIM diplomate and a professor at Ghent University. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work, along with several recognitions for his research contributions. In this interview, he will discuss his most recent projects, his research interests, and his future endeavors. He also offers advice for young researchers aspiring to follow in his footsteps.

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Hot topic: Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based medicine has taken a step forward, and currently, the more appropriate term is evidence-based practice. This new approach is advocated in human medicine to provide comprehensive patient care, including medical aspects and patient well-being. As equine clinicians, we must be aware of these new trends and apply them as much as possible to enhance our professional quality. In this first issue, a brief introduction to evidence-based practice is provided, explaining the development of this new way of understanding medicine from a historical perspective.

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