European College of Equine Internal Medicine

From residents to EBVS recognised specialist in equine medicine

The requirements for becoming an ECEIM Diplomate as defined in the College Constitution & Bylaws ( are summarised below: 

* Completion of an initial training period in an equine internship or its equivalent, assessed by the Education and Credentials Committee. 

* Completion of a standard or alternative approved residency-training programme. 

* Documented evidence of sufficient experience and education by the resident supervisor. 

* Obtaining a publication record appraised by the Educational and Credentials Committee to have met the established criteria according to the ECEIM Constitution and Bylaws. 

* Passing a comprehensive set of exams administered by the College that tests the competence against a standard acceptable to the ECEIM Board.

* Is licensed to practice or is eligible to be licensed to practice in a European country.   

In exceptional cases, the Education and Credentials Committee may accept an exam application from an individual who is internationally recognised in the field of equine internal medicine or who has completed a residency-training programme that is internationally recognised as comparable to an ECEIM approved residency-training programme (i.e., an American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-Large Animal [ACVIM-LA] residency-training programme). For more information on applying under this route, please see the document “How to apply for the exam”.   

An ACVIM Diplomate who is considering becoming an ECEIM Diplomate is required to apply to the Chair of the Educational and Credentials Committee.