European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Procedures for Clinical Justfication examinations

The clinical justification examinations are oral examinations that ask you to plan and justify your case management.

The entire examination is expected to be conducted in English.  Candidates who are not native English speakers have the option of having a translator fluent in their own language attend the oral CJT examination only. If you would prefer to have a translator present this must have been indicated during your application for the examination.

All clinical judgement examinations are recorded and these recordings maintained until the end of the appeals window.

All candidates will undertake 4 clinical judgement tests. These will usually occur over 2 days, with 2 scenarios on each day.

  • For each scenario, candidates will be have time to prepare and interpret case data without the examiners present. After this candidates will then be asked questions about their decision making in that case.
  • Although candidates will be given additional information about how the case progresses, they will not be presented with additional laboratory data to evaluate.
  • Candidates may be asked to evaluate a larger body of data, such as parts of a research publication and asked to critique this data and justify how it may be applied to certain clinical scenarios. The period of preparation for such scenarios would reflect the content of this material

Candidates will have periods where they are held in isolation before and/or after their assessment period to ensure the integrity of examinations.

An example timetable that sets out how one candidate might experience these examinations is shown below. However specific timetables will be sent to candidates prior to the examination.

Time Task Time allocated
Day 1    
09:00 with inviligator Review information for case 1 10 minutes
09:10 with examiners SCENARIO 1 ASSESSMENT 15 minutes
09:25 with invigilator REST 5 minutes
09:30 with invigilator Review of information for case 2 10 minutes
09:40 with examiner SCENARIO 2 ASSESSMENT 15 minites
09:55 with invigilator Holding / isolation period 2 hours
Day 2    
09:00 with invigilator Review research manuscript 1 hour
10:00 with examiner SCENARIO 3 ASSESSMENT 20 minutes
10:20 REST 10 minutes
10:30 with invigilator Review of information for case 4 10 minutes
10:40 with examiner SCENARIO 4 ASSESSMENT 15 minutes
10:55 with invigilator Holding / isolation period 2 hours

Specific arrangements for remote assessment of clinical judgement examinations

Candidates and invigilators will receive a detailed timetable using meeting requests

  • The total examination time will be a meeting request that will have NO ONLINE MEETING LINK. This is to act as a placeholder so you know when you and your invigilator are needed including any periods of holding / isolation
  • The specific assessment period – will include the meeting link when your will be online. You should be present for this entire time, and will be automatically recorded.
  • Invigilators can supervise multiple candidates during holding isolation periods as long as they ensure no communication between candidates who have and who have not been examined (in the same room or using communication tools). Communication is allowed between candidates if they are all in the same situation with respect of assessment timing.
  • Invigilators can only supervise ONE candidate during the actual assessment period