European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Scientific program

  Wednesday 26th October 2022 Location
1600-1800 Electrocardiography - Schwartzwald C, Van Loon G Ergife Palace Hotel
1600-1800 Ophthalmology in images - Hartley C Ergife Palace Hotel


  Thursday 27th October 2022 Location
0900-1245                      Echocardiography - image acquisition - Schwartzwald C, van Loon G, Bowen M, Hopster-Iversen C, - SOLD OUT Caserma Tor Di Quinto
0900-1300 Equine Cytology - Freeman K, Lukacs R - SOLD OUT Ergife Palace Hotel
1415-1800 Echocardiography - image interpretation - Schwartzwald C, van Loon G - SOLD OUT Hotel Ergife Palace
1400-1800 Ophthalmology - Hartley C - SOLD OUT Caserma Tor Di Quinto
0900-1800 Specialist day - Poor Performance - Van Erck E, Valberg S, K Hichcliff, Fe ter Woort - SOLD OUT Caserma Tor Di Quinto

A more detailed program for the workshops is available here and for the specialist day the program is available here.

  Friday 28th October
                       Stream 1 Stream 2

Congress opening and Welcome 

Update from JVIM


Human hepatic viral infection - A Aghemo


Equine hepatic viral infections - J Daly

How to: Ophthalmic exam - C Hartley
1115-1130 Coffee break

Update on Equine Influenza - J Daly

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Neonatal Sepsis - C Sanchez
1215-1300 Global warming and the future of equine infectious disease - D Archer How to: Cryotherapy and laminitis management - A van Eps

Lunch break

What on top of science do you need from ECEIM congress - Sophie Wilford stream 1


Cytology in equine practice - Freeman K

ECEIM Residents Abstracts (1-3)

Reference intervals and Gray zone - Freeman K

ECEIM Residents Abstracts (4-7)
1545-1630 Coffee break


Water balance, hypernatremia and hyponatremia - A Stewart
  Free time in Rome
2000-2359 Gala dinner - Palazzo Brancaccio


                   Saturday 29th October 2022

Highlights ACVIM Forum 2022 - Sanchez C

0945-1030 Pain management - C Sanchez Portable technologies in equine practice - M Bowen
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1205 Laminitis update - A van Eps How to: Work up a muscle case - S Valberg

Laminitis Panel Discussion - A van Eps, Morgan R

Abstracts (8-11)
1300-1400 Lunch break
1400-1445 Electrochemotherapy - E Spugnini How to: standing CSF taps and interpretation - A May

Dermatology/Oncology panel - Spugnini E, Hollis A, D Archer

Abstracts (12-14)
1530-1545 Coffee break

Diagnosis and management of type 2 PSSM/myofibrillar myopathy in Warmbloods - S Valberg

Abstracts (15-18)

The impact of vitamin E deficiency of equine performance - S Valberg

Abstracts (19-22)
1745-1800 Closure of Congress  

Please note that the program in its current form may change slightly

Abstracts order

Abstract 1 - Karolina Drozdzewska - Influence of feeding, month and body condition score on results of thyrotropin stimulation test in horses and ponies

Abstract 2 - Florian Frers - Impact of insulin-dysregulation on key components of the insulin-signaling cascade after oral glucose and intravenous insulin administration in Icelandic horses

Abstract 3 - Julien Delarocque - Development of a freely available app to compare results from various immunoassays for equine insulin

Abstract 4 - Anat Shnaiderman Torban - Jugular thrombophlebitis in hospitalized neonatal foals: prevalence, risk factors and outcomes

Abstract 5 - Olivier Morgane - Effectiveness of Silver-Sulfadiazine coated catheters in preventing the occurrence of thrombophlebitis in hospitalized foals, a preliminary study

Abstract 6 - Quéré Emilie - Standing gustatory papillae biopsy procedure for antemortem diagnosis of Equine Grass Sickness

Abstract 7 - Sanni Hansen - Evaluation of the long-term effect of surgical correction of recurrent laryngeal neuropathy of the lower airways

Abstract 8 - Pinnell Erin - 5’-adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase agonists (APMK) in novel combination therapy significantly alters insulin and glucose dynamics in experimentally-induced equine insulin dysregulation

Abstract 9 - Sanna Lindåse - Pancreatic alpha-cell dysfunction in horses with insulin dysregulation

Abstract 10 - Glenn Van Steenkiste - Vectorcardiography in healthy horses can be obtained from 2 sequentially recorded electrocardiograms using a standard, dual-channel recorder (Televet100)

Abstract 11 - Vernemmen Ingrid - Transseptal puncture guided by intracardiac ultrasound to access the left atrium in adult horses

Abstract 12 - Astrid van den Brom-Spierenburg - Antimicrobial prescription behaviour in equine asthma cases; an international survey

Abstract 13 - Rose Tallon - The effect of cola and carbonated water on equine gastric impaction contents in an in-vitro study

Abstract 14 - Zuzana Drábková - Acute kidney injury in horses treated with suxibuzone

Abstract 15 - Lara Pusinich - Carrier rates of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria among mare-foal pairs hospitalized in an equine perinatology unit

Abstract 16 - Donatienne Castelain - Bacteria involved in 128 septic foals and their antimicrobial resistance

Abstract 17 - Livio Penazzi - Free dietary nucleotides in newborn foals positively affect fecal volatile fatty acids production and microbiota

Abstract 18 - Katrine Toft - Are microRNAs potential biomarkers of pre-patent bloodworm infection in horses?

Abstract 19 - Stephanie Ganzenberg - Seroprevalence and risk factors for equine West Nile virus (WNV) infections in eastern central Germany, 2020

Abstract 20 - Lutz Goehring - Epidemiological aspects of outbreaks with Equid herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM) 

Abstract 21 - 22 - Winners of best absctract 2022 ACVIM forum


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