European College of Equine Internal Medicine

The social program

There are going to be a fantastic experiences through the social program including a Reception cocktail at Spain's most famous oceanarium (Oceanográfic de Valencia) located in the famous Architectural Complex of "La Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièncias" (included with registration).

An amazing "Paella Workshop" will take place on Friday evening before the gala dinner.  This is a unique opportunity to learn how-to cook the real Valencian Paella and have fun while preparing for the gala dinner. The workshop starts after last Friday's session and you will be ready before the gala dinner with time to prepare for it. The paellas are going to be transported (by the company) to the Hotel to be judged during the gala dinner by a jury. There is going to be a prize for the most "authentic" Valencian paella! (not included in the registration)

We will be going out for tapas and wine through Valencia's historic city center on Saturday evening, were everyone will have the opportunity to live the Spanish tapeo experience. (If you haven't been here before, you might find this introduction to tapeo in Spain helpful: (although the tour itself is included with registration, each person will have to pay for the tapas and drinks they order).

Download the Social Program details (pdf)