European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Alternative programme

Residents who are unable to work full-time are entitled to opt for less than full time training (LTFT) programmes (EC Directive 2005/36/EC). However, these programmes must incorporate all the training, conference attendance, professional presentation, publication and case log requirements for certification by ECEIM.

Alternative programmes are individualised so a resident is required to liaise closely with the Education and Credentials Committee throughout the programme. It should be recognised that the alternative route is not considered to be ideal but may be used by individuals who are combining residency training with graduate degree studies or by individuals who spend some of their time working in a clinic or practice in which there is no suitably qualified supervisor.  

An alternative residency-training programme must be preceded by a rotating internship or equivalent and must be comparable to a standard residency-training programme in duration, supervision, quality and case type and number. The alternative residency-training programme (93 weeks of direct supervised training and 13 weeks in related disciplines as in a standard residency-training programme) must be completed within six years.  

The resident must accumulate the required weeks of direct supervised training in blocks of no less than three weeks at a time and 13 weeks of training in related disciplines in blocks of two to four weeks at a time. All cases included in the case log must have been seen in direct conjunction with an ECEIM Diplomate with the case log containing signatures for verification. The direct supervisor of an alternative residency-training programme must be an active ECEIM Diplomate. Training in related disciplines can be supervised by other Board-certified individuals.