European College of Equine Internal Medicine


The resident should develop the following attributes during the residency-training programme: oral communication with specialist and non-specialist audiences, teaching skills, professionalism, and the ability to critically appraisal the scientific literature. For this purpose, the resident must complete the following requirements:

Thus, during the residency-training programme the resident must give a minimum of four seminars or professional presentations (in person/online), defined as a scientific presentation made to an appropriate audience followed by a discussion period:

  • One presentation at a national/international conference.
  • One ECEIM Journal Club presentation.
  • One presentation at a client communication event/to a lay audience.
  • One teaching seminar (undergraduate veterinary students, interns, nurses, or referring veterinarians etc...).

For the purposes of the one national/international presentation:

  • A presentation is  defined as a verbal presentation of an abstract or formal lecture which should be a minimum  of 15 minutes duration, including questions. Posters or "Flash" presentations will not be accepted.
  • The definition of national/international conference is an in person/online meeting which includes national/international delegates and is open to participants from outside of one organisation.
  • To be approved by the ECC as a national/international presentation, a conference (organised by a practice, corporation, university) should be open to attendance by other interested stakeholders (veterinarians, veterinary nurses, associated professions, scientists).
  • A presentation at a non-veterinary national/international scientific or medical conference or a conference on related scientific subjects (microbiology, pharmacology, physiology) is acceptable.  

The following proof of presentation should be available upon request:

  • For national/international presentations, a copy of the scientific programme with the name of the resident and title of presentation or an email confirmation from  the conference organiser showing the resident's name and the title of the presentation and date of the presentation.
  • For presentations within the resident's own organisation arranged for local practitioners or a lay audience, confirmation from the resident supervisor and a copy of the  advertisement and/or programme for the meeting and/or a brief written description of the programme, presentation and target audience should be available upon request.