European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Residency-training programme

An ECEIM residency is an advanced training programme in equine internal medicine which should lead to certification by the College after passing the exam. The programme and exam warrant that the proficiency of the candidate complies with the criteria within the EQF for lifelong learning at the generic Level 8 (Doctoral level). The ECEIM specialist has the highest level of clinical competency and communication skills and possesses a considerable in-depth knowledge of equine internal medicine.  

Any approved ECEIM residency-training programme shall be designed around the curriculum as detailed below under the direct supervision of an ECEIM Diplomate. It is acceptable for parts of a residency-training programme to take place in institutions where an ACVIM Diplomate is in direct contact with the resident, but this needs to be described beforehand in the candidate enrolment form. Competence to practice at an EQF specialty level 8 is assessed by an exam. The aim of this exam is to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of concepts relating to the medical and biological sciences that underpin clinical practice of equine internal medicine (i.e., pharmacology, microbiology, physiology, pathology, epidemiology, diagnostic imaging). A candidate is also tested on clinical knowledge and the ability to evaluate specific clinical problems.