European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Conference venue

The conference will take place in the NH Ghent Belfort Hotel (Hoogpoort 63, 9000 Gent). Delegates are advised to accommodate in the NH Hotel at special ECEIM rates: REGISTER YOUR ACCOMODATION HERE. All transportation (Thursday) and social activities will also start from the NH Hotel.

This hotel is located right in the heart of the city, opposite of the town hall. A 5-minute walk takes you to touristic highlights such as the Cathedral, the medieval ‘Castle of the Counts’ and Belfry. In addition, you’ve got all the bars (Belgian beers!) and restaurants at walking distance.


Ghent is a historic city, yet at the same time a contemporary one. The modern daily life of the city’s active inhabitants plays itself out against a gorgeous historical backdrop. In Ghent, they live, work and enjoy life over and over again each day. The city is alive and bids you welcome

Why Ghent?

  • Because Lonely Planet has called our city “Europe’s best kept secret” and a must see destination, and more recently “a city small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant”.
  • Because National Geographic Traveler Magazine has listed our city as the most authentic historic city in the world and full of life.
  • Because you must witness with your own eyes what Napoleon and the mysterious thief of “the Just Judges” panel already knew: The Mystic Lamb really is key to European art history.
  • Because Ghent is at the crossroads of the most important inland waterways in Flanders.
  • Because the city comes to life again after sunset.
  • And of course because you like to get off the beaten track.

That's why!

Ghent Castle ECEIM congress