European College of Equine Internal Medicine

The scientific program

Wednesday 20 November 2019 (workshops)

Hour Workshop Lecturer
16.00-18.00 Oncology in images Fernando Malalana
Joaquin Ortega
18.30-20.30 ECG and tapas Gunther van Loon and Colin Schwarzwald


Thursday 21 November 2019 (workshops)

Hour Workshop Lecturer
9.30-13.00 Sensory Evoked Potentials Monica Aleman, Alejandro Luján
9.30-13.00 Upper airway dynamic endoscopy
Fe Ter Woort
Lunch break
15.00-18.30 Electrochemotherapy
Youssef Tamzali
15.00-18.30 Whats old and new in ultrasound guided injections
Antonio Cruz and Jaime Viscasillas


Thursday 21 November 2019 (specialist training day)

Hour Specialist Training Day Lecturer
9.30-18.30 Specialist day
Adult emergency and critical care
Bettina Dunkel, Gayle Hallowell, Allison Stewart, Joanna Jokisalo, Monica Aleman, José Miguel Alonso-Íñigo


20.00 Welcome Reception in Oceanografic

Bus transportation is arranged


Friday 22 November 2019: CONGRESS

Hour Room Sophia Room Apolo Room Zeus
9.00-9.15 Opening and Welcome
(Ignacio Corradini)
9.15-10.15 An overview on equine asthma, and the rationale for the name change Corticosteroids for the treatment of equine asthma : new findings
(Jean Pierre Lavoie)

Chair : Vincenz Gerber
10.15-11.15 Use of electroencephalography in equine species
(Monica Aleman)
Chair: Caroline Hann
Coffee break and poster session at exhibition room
11.45-12.45 Pruritus in horses with an emphasis on Insect Bite Hypersensitivity
(Susan L. White)

Chair: Marianne Sloett
12.45-13.45 Abstract session
Chair: Eduard José Cunilleras
Abstract session
Chair: Angelika Schoster
Abstract session
Chair: Nicola Menzies-Gow
Lunch break
14.45-16.15   Panel discussion Oncology
(Janine Brunner and Anna Hollis)
Chair: Joussef Tamzali
Panel discussion EHV-1
(Lutz Goehring, Julia Kydd and Romain Paillot)

Chair: Escolastico Aguilera-Tejero
Coffee break   and poster session at exhibition room
16.30-17.30   Annual General Meeting Resident Training


TBC Gala Dinner in Hotel Las Arenas


Saturday 23 November 2019: CONGRESS

Hour Room Apolo Room Zeus
9.00-9.45 Clinical Big Data in equine research
(Marco Duz)
Chair: Carla Cesarini
Veterinary Innovation. Opportunities, Threats and Regulatory Challenges
(Anthony Roberts from RCVS)
Chair: John Keen
9.45-10.30 Emergence of equine virus infections
(Jessika Cavalleri)
Chair: Carla Cesarini
Highlights ACVIM – Phoenix June 2019
(Allison Stewart)
Chair: John Keen
Coffee breakand poster session at exhibition room 
11.00-11.45 Sensory Evoked Potentials
(Monica Aleman)
Chair: Fernando Malalana
Abstract session
Chair: Lesley Young
11.45-12.45 Abstract session
Chair: Fernando Malalana
Abstract session
Chair: Lesley Young
Lunch break
14.15-15.00 Environmental triggers and evidence-based environmental management
(Scott Pirie)

Chair: Lutz Goehring
Infosession for supervisors on the ECEIM exam
15.00-15.45 Equine Asthma panel discussion
(Jean Pierre Lavoie and Scott Pirie)
Chair: Lutz Goehring
Resident meeting (Exam and E&C committee)
Coffee break
16.00-16.45 Nutrition in Critical Illness
(Gayle Hallowel)
Chair: Lara Armengou
16.45-17.15 Bad bugs no drugs: Novel approaches to combating antimicrobial resistance
(Imogen Johns)
Chair: Lara Armengou
17.15-1730 Closing ceremony and awards  

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