Start offering Residency training?

When your institution wishes to start offering Residency training you need to apply for registration of the institute to be accepted as an ECEIM training institution.

Follow these steps:

(Tip: Open this page in a separate browser window so you have it available during following these steps)

  1. Search in the list of already registered institutions to make sure it's not already there.
    If the institution already is listed read on here
  2. You can apply for registration after creating an institution account on this website.
    You can not use your Diplomat or Resident account.
    So, if you are already logged in as Diplomat or Resident, log out first.
  3. Create a new account and select the option for Institution.
    Use an e-mail for this new account that is linked to the institution and not your personal e-mail address.
  4. After your account is created and you have saved your new password, view your account page.
  5. At the bottom you will see the option to add an institution details page. Click Add.
  6. Then follow the instructions.

When you have followed these steps and you want to edit the Institution details page later, log in with your Institution account and view your account. You will find a link to your institution details page in the section My forms.