About institutions

An institution that wishes to offer Residency training needs to apply for registration of the institute to be accepted as an ECEIM training institution.

Go to the help page that best fits your situation for guidance.

Or read on if you want to know more about institutions in this website.

How does it work?

All institutions that offer Residency training have a page in the website. We call it an Institution details page. That page has several functions:

  • It is visible for all website visitors so you can use it to promote your institution to potential residents.
  • It lists the active supervisors on the residency training programs. These are only visible for visitors logged in as diplomat, resident or institution. This information needs to be accurate and is also used in residence profiles.
  • It hold details about the registration and expire date. These details are only readable to the owner of the institution details page and editable by committee members.
  • When editing this page you will also find templates you need to apply or re-apply for offering residency training.

If you want to edit an institutions details page you need an institution account. You can not use your Diplomat or Resident account.

Now go to the help page that best fits your situation for guidance.