Upcomming educational Specialist Webinar

The next educational Specialist Webinar developed by ECEIM's ATAC committee in conjunction with Boehringer Academy is scheduled for:

Monday April 26th at
6.30PM GMT / 7.30PM Central European Time (CEST)

and is titled:

‘Rational use of antimicrobials and antimicrobial stewardship in equine neonatal medicine’

presented by
Dr. Mathijs Theelen, DVM, DECEIM
(University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

This webinar is aimed at those with a specialist interest in equine internal medicine, equine neonatology, microbiology and antimicrobial stewardship and was designed especially for ECEIM specialists and residents, but is open to all equine vets with an interest in equine internal medicine.

Dr. Theelen, assistant professor at Utrecht University, is an expert on antimicrobial use in equine medicine and neonatology and is (co-) author of several scientific publications in this field. He is head of the equine neonatal intensive care unit at Utrecht University Equine Hospital. During this webinar he will discuss bacterial culturing and susceptibility testing, use of antimicrobials in foals and practical key points of antimicrobial stewardship that can be applied in practice.

The webinar is approximately 60 minutes long and after the screening of the webinar there will be a live Q&A session, so don’t miss this valuable opportunity to put your comments and questions directly to Dr. Theelen.

To view this webinar, you must first register with Boehringer Academy at www.boehringer-academy.co.uk. Please register well before the live screening of the webinar in order for the application to be completed. 

If you cannot join us for the live screening, the webinar will be archived to view on-demand on the Boehringer Academy website.

Kind regards,

Dr. Esther W. Siegers, DVM, Dipl.ECEIM
Webinar liaison of the ECEIM Advanced Training Advisory Committee (ATAC)