European College of Equine Internal Medicine
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Equine Clinic Emmeloord the Netherlands

This is a large equine clinic with :

- 2 ECVS diplomates/European Specialists

- 1 Dutch specialist diagnostic imaging KNMvD (a diplomate of ECVDI is available if necessary)

- 1 specialist ECVS focussed completely on equine ophthalmology (a diplomate of ECVO is available if necessary)

- 3 certified equine practitioners

- 1 resident in equine surgery (the institution is already accepted as training facility by ECVS)

- 1 resident in equine internal medicine as soon as the institution and her programme is accepted

- 1 ECEIM diplomate, European Specialist, also diplomate ECVSMR (parttime but 7 days a week available)

The clinic has radiology, ultrasonography, standing MRI, endoscopy , 2 surgical theaters, intensive care facilities etc. available. There is also a farrier in the clinic with 3 rotating ferriers. Futher there is weekly consultation with equine physiotherapist.

There is an indoor arena (with objective locomotion equipment), a trotting lane and a hard and soft circle for lungeing.

A CT is in the development phase.

There are close contacts with Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Veterinary Clinical Pathology of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University Utrecht as the supervisor worked there for > 40 years as professor of equine internal medicine.


Espelerlaan 77
8302 DC Emmeloord

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