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Murdoch University, School of Veterinary Medicine

Murdoch University helps people discover how to make a difference, through education and research endeavour, and remains one of the most inclusive universities in the country, providing students with quality education and recognised academic standing within an engaging and caring environment. We are a university for all, irrespective of background and social standing with a focus on social equity, self-direction and freedom of thought and belief.

With strong links to government, business and the community, Murdoch University helps people discover how to make a difference. We are a young, innovative and enterprising university with more than 23,000 students and 1,700 staff across Perth, Singapore and Dubai. We are committed to high quality education, innovative research, and strong community engagement both locally and internationally.

Our Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027 outlines an ambitious blueprint for

development and growth, with a focus on one purpose: to be a creative force for current and

future generations. We are clear about our two core goals: to educate free thinkers who thrive in society and are

sought after by employers; and, to provide life changing solutions for the world’s big challenges through our outstanding translational research and innovative practice.

The School of Veterinary Medicine is responsible for the training of veterinary science graduates and the degree program has received international accreditation. A central part of the training is a development of core clinical competencies and as part of this process veterinary science students undertake training in our hospital, clinics and clinical services.

Equine medicine is a key discipline within the School of Veterinary Medicine. The discipline also contributes to research in equine medicine, training of equine medicine residents (currently ACVIM-LA) and supports a clinical service for The Animal Hospital and externally to the community of Western Australia.


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Equine Medicine
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