European College of Equine Internal Medicine
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Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences, University of Bologna

The campus is located about 15 km from Bologna city center. There is a 24/24h 7/7d Veterinary Teaching Hospital for equines, ruminants, small animals and exotic species. The Equine Hospital and Clinical Service include an Internal Medicine Unit, A Surgery and Orthopedics Unit, and a Perinatology and Reproduction Unit.

The equine hospital is an estabilished referral institution in Italy, in particular for neonatology , and the case load has been growing also for the other disciplines in the past few years, and there are optimistic signs that the activity will continue to increase. Since 2021 there is one ECEIM borded at the hospital, and the medicine unit has been growing since in term of case load, dedicated personnel, facilities and instrumentations. The unit works primarily on hospitalized or ambulatory cases referred from private practitioners and from the staff of the other hospital units, but there is a minor part of first opinion and on field clinical activity. There are isolation facilities for adult equines and for foals.

The equine hospital is supported by all the main diagnostic and related clinical services on site (e.g. anesthesiology, clinical pathology lab., microbiology and parasitology lab., pathology, nutrition, pharmacology and toxicology). There are some external specialists available for consultations in disciplines were boarded specialists are not present on site (e.g. ophtalmology, LA diagnostic imaging). There is a full equipment for radiography (both on site and portable) and ultrasonography, with a digitalized archiviation system (PACS). To date, there is a working CT unit for ponies and foals, and availability for horses is planned in the next future.

There is a full access to a medical library and to most of the scientific journals through the University subscription.


Via Tolara di Sopra 50
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Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences
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