European College of Equine Internal Medicine

Procedure for ACVIM to become ECEIM Diplomate

(This section is under construction)

Dear ACVIM Diplomate,

Thank you for your interest in the ECEIM. Below you can find the steps what you need to do: 

  • Create a personal account on the ECEIM website. This must first be approved by the ECEIM administrator.
  • Subsequently, on your account page scroll down to the My forms section and use the Re-certification form to upload the following information as 1 document (PDF):
    • A copy of your Diploma as Diplomate ACVIM. 
    • Proof that you may work in Europe.
    • Proof that you actively work in Europe as a veterinarian/specialist and that you are active in the field of internal medicine. 
    • That you spent 60% of your time in the specialty of a 40hour working week
    • Proof of published articles, attendances to congress related to internal medicine. 
    • An explanation how you can positively contribute to the development of the ECEIM.

Please keep in mind that:

Submissions between January and the end of June are checked/answered in July-August.
Submissions between July and the end of December are checked/answered in January-February.

If you are accepted as a Dipl ECEIM: 

  • You must pay an annual due to the ECEIM (dues are visible in a personal diplomate account).
  • Come to at least 2 ECEIM congresses and to 2 Annual General Meetings over 5 years.
  • You must proof that you are active in the field and do a re-certification every 5 years (+pay the due for this).
    You can find the information concerning a re-certification in the word-document in the attachment be found in a personal account on the ECEIM website that you must first create on the ECEIM website.

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