Scientific program

  Wednesday 26th October 2022 Location
1600-1800 Electrocardiography - Schwartzwald C, Van Loon G Ergife Palace Hotel
1600-1800 Ophthalmology in images - Hartley C Ergife Palace Hotel


  Thursday 27th October 2022 Location
0900-1300                      Echocardiography - image acquisition - Schwartzwald C, van Loon G, Bowen M, Hopster-Iversen C Caserma Tor Di Quinto
0900-1300 Equine Cytology - Freeman K, Luckacs R Ergife Palace Hotel
1400-1800 Echocardiography - image interpretation - Schwartzwald C, van Loon G Hotel Ergife Palace
1400-1800 Ophthalmology - Hartley C Caserma Tor Di Quinto
0900-1800 Specialist day - Poor Performance - Van Erck E, Valberg S Caserma Tor Di Quinto

A more detailed program for the workshops is available here and for the specialist day the program is available here.

  Friday 28th October
                       Stream 1 Stream 2

Congress opening and Welcome 


Human hepatic viral infection - A Aghemo


Equine hepatic viral infections - J Daly

How to: Ophthalmic exam - C Hartley
1115-1130 Coffee break

Update on Equine Influenza - J Daly

Neonatal Sepsis - C Sanchez
1215-1300 Global warming and the future of equine infectious disease - D Archer How to: Cryotherapy and laminitis management - A van Epps
1300-1400 Lunch break

Cytology in equine practice - Freeman K


Reference intervals and Gray zone - Freeman K

1545-1600 Coffee break


Residents training
  Free time in Rome
1930-2359 Gala dinner - Palazzo Brancaccio


                   Saturday 29th October 2022

Highlights ACVIM Forum 2022 - Sanchez C

0945-1030 Pain management - C Sanchez Potable technologies in equine practice - M Bowen
1100-1120 Coffee break
1120-1205 Electrochemotherapy - E Spugnini How to: Work up a muscle case - S Valberg
1205-1305 Dermatology/Oncology panel - Spugnini E, Tamzali Y, D Archer Abstracts
1305-1400 Lunch break
1400-1445 Laminitis update - A van Epps How to: standing CSF taps and interpretation - A May
1445-1530 Laminitis Panel Discussion - A van Epps. Morgan R Abstracts
1530-1545 Coffee break

Diagnosis and management of type 2 PSSM/myofibrillar myopathy in Warmbloods - S Valberg


The impact of vitamin E deficiency of equine performance - S Valberg

1745-1800 Closure of Congress  

Please note that the program in its current form may change slightly