Information about the exam

This document provides the information you need to begin your examination application, including dates for submission of forms and current fees.

How to apply for the exam

2022 Exam Information

Examinations in 2022 will be held 31st January to 4th February. Examinations will be run remotely with local invigilators.

Download ECEIM 2021 exam info

Examination format

Following an external review of the entire examination process in 2020, the ECEIM examination will be run under the new format first introduced in 2021 and detailed in the latest training brochure. (add link). A video describing these modifications presented to residents at summer school 2020 available here. 

An introduction to the testing platform

An overview to the new assessment platform recorded at summer school before the decision was made to move to local invigilation this can be viewed here.

Remote invigilation process for 2021

Due to the pandemic all examinations will be undertaken locally with a local invigilator. These will be undertaken between 8am and 6pm CET. Information about this process is available here.

OCM training material

Practice OCM material has been prepared to assist you understand this examination format. These can be accessed at

Case 1: Equine Neurology – This case is presented to candidates as a Mock OCM in Examplify and will be available upon enrolment. A recording from summer school can be found here.

Case 2: Equine Cardiology – This case is presented through No video recording is available.

Case 3: Acute febrile and can be viewed here. This session also included a reminder about how to answer single best format questions.

Case 4: Equine Neonatology – This can be accessed at and can be viewed here.

Clinical judgement tests

The following scenarios have been prepared to assist you understand this examination format. They include case material presented in OCMs above. You should work through these cases with a supervisor or fellow resident to practice this format of exam.

Case 1: Equine Neurology - Mock case 1.pptx

Case 2: Equine cardiology - CJT Example 2.pptx

Case 3: Acute febrile diarrhoea - CJT Example 3.pptx

Case 4: Equine neonatology - CJT Example 4.pptx

Case 5: Data interpretation - CJT Example 5.pptx