Use of antimicrobials in Equine Asthma

Dear Diplomates,

The use of antimicrobials in Equine Asthma is considered to be one of the topics that needs further research by the Havemeyer Equine Asthma Group.  

At the Equine Department of the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University we are starting research on this topic with a survey about the prescription behavior of equine practitioners and diplomates regarding the use of antimicrobials in Equine Asthma cases.  

We would like, in the light of antimicrobial stewardship, to evaluate in how many and what type of cases antimicrobials are used, as well as your reasons to do so. 

We want to investigate this worldwide and that is why we would like to ask you as ECEIM/ACVIM diplomate to help us by completing this survey. It will take you around 15 minutes. The link below will directly send you to the survey (phone/tablet suitable).

Besides this we hope some of you are willing to ask your referring veterinarians to also take the survey. If needed, we can provide a translated version.  

If you are willing to help us with this, please email Astrid at 


Thank you very much for your cooperation! 


Best wishes, 

Astrid van den Brom-Spierenburg and Cornélie Westermann