Dubai Equine Hospital is seeking Equine Internal Medicine specialist

The Dubai Equine Hospital is seeking a board certified, or board eligible (ACVIM or ECEIM) Equine Internal Medicine specialist to join our growing practice.

The Dubai Equine Hospital was founded in 1995 and is a full service hospital providing high class care to the regions horse industry. Referrals are generated by the extensive ambulatory service and independent veterinarians from the area and across the Emirates. Most horses are performance animals with endurance racing, flat racing, and show disciplines predominating, with a few breeding stables in the area. The successful applicant will share internal medicine cases with our current ACVIM boarded specialist and provide support to the surgery and ambulatory services.

The internal medicine case load primarily consists of training and race related emergencies (metabolic horses, pleuropneumonias, neurologic cases, cardiac arrhythmias), neonatal foals, ophthalmic cases and elective cases presented for performance evaluations. Many of the cases presented to the hospital are under no financial constraints, allowing the clinician to practice pure medicine and think outside of the box with only performance driven expectations. 

The hospital is equipped with a full array of state of the art equipment such as Phillips EPIQ 5 Ultrasound, Mindray M5Vet portable ultrasound, 2 video endoscopy towers (1 m, 2.5 m and 3m), Lifepak 15 defibrillator suitable for transvenous electrocardioversion, radiology unit, robotic CT imaging, MRI imaging, scintigraphy, as well as in house clinical laboratory services. The medicine service is supported by 4 board certified surgeons, 5 hospital interns and numerous hospital staff to help with patient care.

The salary is competitive, including fully paid housing, 30 days of paid vacation, paid CE, paid holiday travel expenses and a provided automobile.   The new hire will be expected to enter into the emergency rotation as well as handling elective patients.  Please send resume and references to Dr. Nora Nogradi at