Get edit rights for your institution details page

If you want to edit an Institution details page you need edit rights for that page.

To get edit rights follow these steps:

(Tip: Open this page in a separate browser window so you have it available during following these steps)

  1. You can only edit an institution details page with an institution account. You can not use your Diplomat or Resident account.
    So, if you are logged in as Diplomat or Resident, log out first.
  2. If you already have an institution account and created your institution details page before, log in with your institution account. Visit your account page and you will see a link to that page at the bottom.
    Follow that link and edit your institution details page.
  3. If you do not have an institution account create a new account and select the option for Institution.
    Use an e-mail for this new account that is linked to the institution and not your personal e-mail address to guarantee continuity when you might change jobs.
  4. As soon as your institution account is active, search in the list of already registered institutions for your institution.
    If the institution is not listed that means the registration period is already expired. In that case please contact the ECC so we can re-activate your institution details page and attach it to your institution account.
  5. If you can find your institution click on the name. You will see a page with the details about the institution.
  6. At the bottom you will see a form for requesting edit rights. Complete this form.
    We will then evaluate your request and if agreed, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.