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Procedure for ACVIM to become ECEIM Diplomate
Procedure to become ECEIM associate member

Name Country of practice View profile
Lohmann, Katharina L view
Lyle, Catriona view
Mack, Sarah view
Mackenzie, Catriona view
Mair, Tim view
Maischberger, Eva Austria view
Malalana, Fernando view
Manguin, Estelle France view
Marr, Celia view
Martin, Maria view
May, Anna view
McConnell, Emma Jane view
McGilvray, Tegan Ann United Kingdom view
McGorum, Bruce view
McGovern, Kate Frances view
McGowan, Catherine United Kingdom view
McKane, Shaun view
Medina Torres, Carlos Eduardo Germany view
Mendoza García, Francisco Javier Spain view
Menzies-Gow, Nicola view
Monki, Jenni Anna Kristiina Finland view
Moreau, Peggy view
Morgan, Ruth Anna view
Mosseri, Sophie view
Neuckermans, Zoé Belgium view
Niebuhr, Tobias Germany view
Niinisto, Kati Finland view
Odelros, Emma view
Ohman, Anna view
Ohnesorge, Bernhard Germany view
Olley, Rosanne United Kingdom view
Olsen, Emil view
Palmers, Katrien Belgium view
Paulussen, Ellen view
PICANDET, Valerie view
Picavet, Marie-Thérèse Belgium view
Pickles, Kirstie view
Pirie, Robert Scott view
Prutton, Jamie view
Raftery, Alexandra G view
Randleff-Rasmussen, Pia Ireland view
Recknagel, Stephan view
Redpath, Adam United Kingdom view
Rendle, David view
Risnes Hellings, Ingunn Norway view
Roberts, Veronica view
Robin, Matthew Qatar view
Rocafort Ferrer, Gloria France view
Roelfsema, Ellen view
Roscher, Katja Germany view