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Procedure for ACVIM to become ECEIM Diplomate
Procedure to become ECEIM associate member

Name Country of practice View profile
Aguilera-Tejero, Escolastico view
Aguirre, Carla Spain view
Amory, Hélène Belgium view
Armengou, Lara Spain view
Art, Tatiana view
Bakos, Zoltan view
Barsnick, Rosa Germany view
Barton, Ann Kristin Germany view
Bäuerlein, Viola Germany view
Berger, Sonja view
Bezdekova, Barbora view
Birkmann, Katharina view
Bohlin, Anna Sweden view
Boom, Robin Van den Netherlands view
Borde-Doré, Laura France view
Boshuizen, Berit Netherlands view
Bowen , Mark United Kingdom view
Brazil, Tim view
Bröjer, Johan Sweden view
Broux, Barbara view
Bruijn, Marco de view
Brunner, Janine view
Bryan, Jill view
Busechian, Sara Italy view
Butler, Catharine Michelle view
Carslake, Harry United Kingdom view
Cathcart, Mike view
Cavalleri, Jessika view
Cehak, Anja Germany view
Cerri, Simona France view
Cesarini Latorre, Carla view
Collins, Niamh view
Conwell, Rachael view
Corradini, Ignacio United Kingdom view
Couroucé, Anne France view
Cudmore, Lucy view
Dauvillier, Julie view
De Clercq, Dominique Belgium view
de Heus, Phebe Austria view
De Lange, Lisa France view
Delesalle, Catherine JG Belgium view
Deniau, Valérie France view
Depecker, Marianne view
Desjardins, Isabelle France view
Diez de Castro, Elisa view
Drábková, Zuzana Czech Republic view
du Preez, Surita view
Dufourni, Alexander view
Duggan, Vivienne view
Durham, Andy view