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The primary aim of ECEIM Journal Clubs is to provide Diplomates and Residents with a forum where they can discuss recent literature relevant to equine internal medicine with colleagues. Additional benefits are that the Journal Clubs will allow ECEIM members to form networks with others across Europe and beyond and share experience and knowledge in internal medicine.

Format & Guidelines
Journal Clubs are expected to run with minimal input from ECEIM’s Advanced Training Advisory Committee and members will be responsible for ensuring their own Journal Club is running smoothly and energetically to serve all members.

All journal clubs will conduct their meetings in English. The format of meetings arranged by individual clubs is flexible and will be determined by the group members within the following framework:
• The main objective of each meeting will be to appraise and discuss recent literature relating to equine medicine and including articles describing in vitro studies and research in other species, if relevant to equine medicine.
• Each meeting will be conducted online using the platform hosted by the University of Liverpool.
• Journal Clubs will meet once per month.
• All club members must take equal turns at selecting and presenting one or two articles for discussion.
• Journal Club members should usually obtain articles they propose for discussion through their own institution’s library. Any cost incurred must be covered by the member proposing the article.
• Journal Club Members who do not have access to such a library may wish to consider joining the UK’s RCVS library
• Citations/references for Articles for discussion must be circulated at least one week prior to the meeting.
• Most publishers permit circulation of pdf’s of articles within small groups but Journal Club members must ensure that they do not violate publishers’ copyright when circulating material and should note that copyright may be violated if they circulate copies of downloaded or scanned-in articles beyond their immediate group members or for purposes other than Journal Club.
• Journal Clubs must keep a log of participants and record of articles discussed, using the template provided, and submit this to the Journal Club supervisor before 1 December each year. One member of the group will be elected by the group to take on this responsibility.

How do you join?
• Each journal club will consist of no less than 6 and no more than 12 members
• Only ECEIM diplomates and residents are eligible to join.
• Individuals wishing to join should email Dr Cathy McGowan, the journal club supervisor, who is appointed by ECEIM’s Advanced Training Advisory Committee at stating their name, institution or practice.
• You will be assigned to a group and we try to form the groups ensuring that members of each group are based in several different centres.

How can you change group?
• Individuals wishing to change group should contact Cathy McGowan but new groups will not be formed until at least 6 people are available to join them.
• Individuals wishing to withdraw from a Journal Club should also contact Cathy McGowan so that others can take their place.
• Clubs are having difficulty maintaining 6 regular attendees should contact Cathy McGowan for advice.
• Occasionally, ECEIM’s Advanced Training Advisory Committee will re-organise groups and assign members to different groups in order to meet the needs of as many of those wishing to join a Club as possible.

Further Reading and Resources for Journal Clubs

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Cockcroft and Holmes, The Handbook of Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine,Blackwell Publishing 2003

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